Dr. Hamid Ahmadyrad

PhD holder in law. Lawyer and legal advisor

Companies Affairs

Legal issues in connection   with the companies are very diverse. The vast scope from registration of a company and its brad to drafting the minute of meeting of general assembly and board of directors and pursuing the legal actions and also liquidation.  Explaining and clarifying  the responsibilities of corporate executives and prevention of violations of the related laws is the job of the legal consultants. In many cases, directors are not aware of their obligations and responsibilities, and sometimes because the lack of information, the most probably a heavy responsibility for their activities may be borne. In many companies, directors are aware of and brainy firms tend to benefit from the ideas of its legal consultants to analyze the costs and benefits of basing their decisions on legal opinions, finally, make  their decisions on the basis of expert viewpoints. Generally speaking , the benefits of legal knowledge and approach of prevention rather than treatment, to reduce the risk in  the management in order to prevent material losses or credits to be considered as a decisive element.