Dr. Hamid Ahmadyrad

PhD holder in law. Lawyer and legal advisor

Int. & Domestic Contracts

Contract is the binding agreement between two or more persons. Based on an internationally accepted principle that perhaps originated  from Article 1134 of the Civil Code France , ((the contract  is the law, between the parties)) and the contract, to the extent that is not inconsistent with  laws, the parties and their legal successors, is effective. Today, the diversity of contracts  is undeniable and contracts range from a simple domestic contract to large national project contracts, is vast and surprising. Of course, due to the diversity of categories of contracts, drawing up a contract draft  is entirely professional. The complexity of the draft  of domestic and  international contracts is because the negotiating  parties who are going to draw up a contract, must predict the possible problems in the future about the anticipated legal effects resulting from the adoption of appropriate measures, the matter asserted transparent and less interpretation, insert the text of the contract. In fact, the stated purpose of transparency and legal means of expression can understand third party (judge or arbitrator to deal with differences) the content of the contract agreed to facilitate.
Drafting international contracts that, in fact, include at least one foreign element is needed in addition to familiarity with legal language requires a thorough knowledge of the criteria set forth in international conventions, guidelines and examples of the proposed contract, international organizations, commercial entities Verviers International arbitration is organized. The mistake in the contract, causing considerable damage. This is where the party or parties contracting, expert and professional associations are more tangible and visible. Therefore, the benefit of professional legal services is inevitable in this regard