Dr. Hamid Ahmadyrad

PhD holder in law. Lawyer and legal advisor

Banking Law & Litigations
Typically, the bank claims arising from the contracts between bank and customers and are normally associated with banking operations to grant loan.  Bank contracts are based on typical contract forms and no changes will be accepted upon customer request. This policy may make the customers believe that providing the legal defense against claims of banks is impossible. However, the fact is that the various banking regulations on the performance of banks and also the wording of the contract itself are decisive elements to judge. These criterias  include regulations governing the issuance of approvals granted loans, anticipated interest rate and penalty for the delay in payment, etc. and both private and public banks are obliged to observe the  mentioned criteria, and any stipulations contrary to the  to the acts or regulations  will have no binding legal effect.In addition to the above mentioned claims, the claims related to Letter of Credit and Bank Gauarntees, are commonly brought banking legal actions in the courts.  Undoubtedly, being  fully aware of the banking regulations and having solid experience in this field will definitely gaurantee the success  in the banking claims.