Dr. Hamid Ahmadyrad

PhD holder in law. Lawyer and legal advisor

Criminal litigations
The criminal litigation could be defined as the allegation of imputing a criminal act or omission to the other through bringing the action by a person or public report which will be examined in criminal procedure. In the legal system of Iran, it has been a long time in which the civil and criminal procedure has been legally distinguished. Exactly mentioning, since 1911up to the time being criminal procedure has been covered by special rules. Just in the period between adoption of Act of Establishment Of Public and Enghelab Courts in 6th July 1995 and adoption of Criminal Procedure Act Of Public and Enghelab Courts in Criminal Cases in 31st September 1999 there were no special rule to govern the procedure of criminal cases. After enacting Islamic Punishment Act in 21st April 2013 and particularly Criminal Procedure Act which has come to force since 22nd June 201, a great development evolved in the  criminal law of Iran in which  guaranteeing  the fundamental  rights of claimant and accused in the criminal procedure is the most important.
The criminal litigations based on their legal background in Iran include a variety of fields . In most cases, act or omission which seems allowed according to the custom, is not just a tort, but even  a crime. Therefore, being aware of important points of Criminal Procedure Act  and having solid experience in defense against accusation or on the other side proving the commitment of a crime, are the success keys in the criminal cases and It is strongly advised to the parties of such cases to avoid entering this procedure without consulting or hiring lawyers.