Dr. Hamid Ahmadyrad

PhD holder in law. Lawyer and legal advisor

Civil litigations

In civil cases, despite the criminal ones, the claimant does not  intend to impute the commitment of a crime to the accused person. The claimant just claim his rights. Civil litigations include a vast range of cases like property, family, monetary, companies,… cases. In civil cases, the result of procedure is mostly predictable in contrary to the criminal cases. This distinguish is because of the rules and formulas that govern the civil procedure and also because of the absence of mens rea in civil cases in which the judge, regardless the willingness of the wrongdoer, will render his award on the basis of the rules and formulas.
The very important point in civil litigations is the matter of contest  especially which is called judicatae.  This significance will be apparent when because of judicatae, the paid legal costs is lost. Any kind of mistakes in drawing up the petition will cause the loss of legal costs. Therefore, it is strongly advised that in civil litigations, the dispute should be referred to skilled lawyers.